New cards don't appear on my Ipad/iphone (only visible on PC, Windows)

I can’t see any new cards on Iphone/Ipad. on PC everything is okay. What can I do?
My ⁨vesrion on PC 2.1.43 (0fbae6bc)⁩
My version on Iphone 2.0.960 (20096.3)


Do you sync these devices using AnkiWeb?

Of course I did. I downloaded it on my Ipad, but again it doesn’t show new cards there.

The difference in behavior is because you’re using an old version of Anki on your computer, which doesn’t support the v3 scheduler. New cards are being hidden because you have a backlog of reviews. Your review limit should be about 10x your new card limit, or you’ll start to forget the things you’ve learnt before you get around to reviewing them again. While I wouldn’t recommend doing so, if you don’t want to increase your review limit, you can enable “new cards ignore review limit”.

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