Different amounts of New cards between Laptop and Ipad/Phone

I have been doing my Anki cards with no problem for the past three weeks (2.1.19) and no issues syncing between my ipad/phone. I recently updated to the newest version of Anki on my laptop and today I realized that the number of new cards differs between my laptop and other devices. My phone and Ipad line up with the exact same numbers of new’s and reviews but my its just my laptop that is having this issue.

Specifically, it shows that I have no reviews or new’s on my laptop, but that I have about 35 reviews due on my ipad/phone. If I complete those new cards on my ipad or iphone and sync, they will show up as due on my laptop.

Any thoughts?

Forcing a full sync in the preferences screen will likely bring things back into sync. If you find it happens again, please try updating to the latest Anki version.

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