[Mac App] Number of New Cards is Zero

I am using Mac Anki App f or study. It’s been a week that when I sync, my New Cards to learn (blue number in the Deck tab) is not shown/updated in AnkiWeb and Mobile App. It’s zero for the Deck I’m studying but it shouldn’t be.

I think it started when I updated my Mac OS to Big Sure 11.6.1 (I’m not sure though)
I updated my Anki App to version 2.1.49 and since it synced with AnkiWeb (where the number of new cards is zero) now even on my Mac Anki App I get zero new cards.

Anybody has faced the same issue?

RESOLVED - Apparently that was due to the following settings:

  • New cards/day: 40
  • Maximum review/day: 200

Looks like when I set New cards/day to 40 the Maximum review/day should be “at least” 400 and when I changed 200 to 400 the correct numbers were shown and synced successfully across all my devices :+1:

Just for your information, the reason was probably this:

If using the v3 scheduler, please keep in mind that the new count is capped by the review count. If your review limit is set to 200, and you have 190 reviews waiting, a maximum of 10 new cards will be introduced. If your review limit has been reached, no new cards will be shown.
Deck Options - Anki Manual