Cards disappearing as I review deck

I have been studying the last few days and have noticed that three of my decks have been doing this strange glitch. For example, I have 48 review cards and 20 new cards for one deck. I will begin studying them and within five minutes? The 48 review cards and 20 new cards drop to 17 review cards and 10 new cards when I did not get the chance to study those cards within those five minutes. I have disabled add-ons and restarted everything, but it seems to continue in the issue. Any tips on what the issue could be?

Keep in mind, I have two other decks that have no issue at all and do not skip reviews/new cards like that. Just these three decks I am currently studying.

To experiment on this issue, I made a new deck random and made 12 new cards for. I got through 5-7 cards before the new cards disappeared and I was left with the 5-7 cards I got to before this glitch occured.

See here: Studying - Anki Manual

I have unchecked bury new cards until next day and tested it on a random deck once more. They didn’t skip any new cards. I am hoping this will fix the issue of skipping cards in my legit deck tomorrow. Thank you!

This is actually not a glitch, but an intended feature, ie. Anki skips cards on purpose (it’s not a bug). You may ask: but why does it indicate there are still some cards left, if it’s to skip them? I am not exactly sure, but maybe this is because Anki only skips cards when you review siblings, not when they are queued, because you might bury or suspend them in the meantime.

Changes: V2 Schedule → V3 schedule


When burying is enabled, cards are now excluded from the queues at the start of a study session. Previously (V1/V2) if you had 10 forward and 10 reverse cards, the counts would start at 20 and jump down as you review, but now (V3) they’ll start directly at 10. The actual burying still happens as you review cards.

Because exclusion is done when you click on a deck, the counts you see on the deck list will differ from the ones you see when you click on a deck. If you press the Unbury button at the end of reviews, you’ll get the other cards that were excluded at the start.

Learning cards that cross a day boundary can now be buried like reviews and new cards.

V3 schedule can be activated in the “preferences” option on the “schedule” tab in 2.1.46+


Thank you all for your replies and help. I believe I needed to mess with the settings and with your suggestions I have a better understanding of Anki.