Settings for a new study period

Hi everyone,

I am a medicine student from Sweden that is frequently using anki for my studies, but unfortunately not in the best way possible for optimal learning. I’m starting a new course in pathology in two weeks and I received pre-made decks for the whole course from an older student at the same university. In other words, if I know every card I’m more than well prepared for the exam. In my previous courses where I’ve used anki it feels like I haven’t got a grip of the settings. Sometimes I get overloaded with review cards and sometimes they never show again so I have to do custom study sessions where I have to flip through every card…yeah I guess you understand. So now I turn to you guys for the optimal settings!

The decks contain a total of 1800 cards which is divided into smaller sections that corresponds to specific lectures (see the picture). “Vecka 1” is for example Week 1. I will approximately do 40-70 new cards each day (mon-fri), but at the same time I want to have time for reviewing cards. There will be 11 weeks from the start of the course to the exam.

Please help med with the optimal settings! Thanks!

What are your current settings? Have you tried Anki Simulator to evaluate your workload with your current settings? Can you handle the current workload? 1800 cards for one course seems a lot to me.

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I’m currently going with the original settings. Haven’t tried anki stimulator. I mixed some with the different intervals but it wasn’t getting any better…

I am also having problems with rebooting the decks. Right now I have due cards, but I haven’t flipped a single card. I guess the history of the progress is taken from the guy that created them. Any easy way to reset?

You can import your deck (without scheduling information) and then import again, you can use the forget command, it you can try an add on: