Last Month of Studying - Decks are Currently in Maintenance Mode

Hi Everyone - bit of a specific question but this seemed like the right folks to ask.

I have been using Anki to study vocab for a standardized test that I will be taking in about a months time. Over the next month my goal is to continue to study these words in a systematic way (how it will be systematic is part of the question).

To date, I’ve been using the default time settings (gap settings?).

I want to accomplish the following.

  • I want to study every word in the deck at least one more time before the test date
  • If possible I would like the return frequency of a word presented over this time to be some function of the time/knowledge of the word. For example. Word A I’ve struggled with that comes up every 12hours would continue to show up very frequently over the next month and Word B that is set to come back >30 days shows up meaningfully less frequently (while still showing up at least once)

I imagine I can just go through the complete deck with a study session, but wanted to ask if there were any suggestions on settings or ways to address the above.

If you have any advice that you think is better in spite of not fitting the above to a T, I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations as well!

Really appreciate it guys!

You can use custom study or a filtered deck to review all the cards, even if they’re not due, and their next due times after review will depend on your answers and how well you already knew the cards.

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