Custom study - review ahead feature

For many years I was able to use the “Custom study - review ahead” feature and get a few cards done ahead the day before. For the last year, however, when I have tried to do this (which has not been that often), after answering my card I only see a 1 - 1 - 1 option at the bottom, and all my cards are back for me to study the next day, even the ones I did a custom study on. What setting have I messed up, or what do I have to do, so I can go back to my previous way, which means that if I did “review ahead” I would not have to see those same cards again the next day? Or, have I confused myself and need to use a different study type? Many thanks.

I don’t believe the behaviour here has changed - please see Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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This was a very interesting article, Damien, thanks. I know that your philosophy warns against studying ahead. I am almost sure that for a couple of years it worked well for me, however. At that time I often finished all of my cards. Right now I seldom finish them, jajaja. But next week I am going to be traveling and wanted to reduce my daily card load to a minimum, on those decks I am working on. I found a work-around for a single day of travel or being away from the cards most of the day, and that is to change my local time to a country where it is tomorrow already. But that won’t solve my problem for when I am going to be traveling for a week and will have less time for the cards.

Technically speaking, you don’t have to go through every card every day. If you don’t review a due card, Anki will just reschedule and will take it into account. Of course, if you never finish your cards, you’re not going to learn them all, but if for a week you can only do half — or even non at all —, it’s fine. Nothing wrong will happen, Anki won’t sue you :wink:


Thanks, I found a workaround for this problem. I changed the date on my iPad and was able to work through ahead of time for the week I needed to do this for. And it did not sue me for doing that, either. :wink: