The two-four repetition pattern: a setting or a bug?

I have been using Anki on my PC (currently Windows 11, 64-bit) for several years.

Here is something which occasionally happens when using Custom Study, all cards, no rescheduling:

The second word appears twice in a row, even though I click ‘4’ for ‘good’.
The fourth word after the second also appears twice, under the same circumstances.
Then it repeats the next second word and the fourth one after that, on and on throughout the deck.

On another day, nothing of the kind happens.

Is this an obscure setting that needs to be turned off or a bug? Whichever it is, how do I stop it happening?

If you use More>Card Info the second time the card appears, you can look at the review history to confirm whether it’s actually the same card, or a different card (e.g. Cards are reversed / appearing twice - Frequently Asked Questions)

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