Old cards showing up as new

Hello hello :slight_smile:
I’m having a bit of an issue with Anki - I’ve been using the program regularly for just over a year now, for German vocabulary words, and I’ve been regularly adding new cards as I encounter new words. A couple weeks ago however, cards I had put in at the very beginning started reappearing as “new” (despite being months away from their scheduled revision time), and as time goes on more and more cards are being reset in this way…
I’m not very knowledgeable in how the program works, and I haven’t really fiddled with the inner workings of it at all - I only wrote in a line of code into the default card configuration to be able to type out the answers and have it be corrected.
I have an inkling that the cards that are precisely one year old are being reset, but I’m not sure. It’s just a theory, but it looks consistent because the cards are reappearing pretty much in the order I added them in.
It’s a bit of a pain because it’s creating a huge backlog of “new” cards that I already know, taking up my daily limit such that I haven’t revised a legitimately new card in weeks ^-^"
Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated !!

(Edit: I saw a post with a similar title about cards reappearing as new, but that user’s situation was different from mine since they had imported a large pre-made deck, and the problem seemed to stem from that. It’s not the case with me, this is just a humble compilation of vocabulary words that I assembled over time)

The next time such a card comes up, please view the card info via the More button, and confirm the card actually has a review history. If it doesn’t, you may have duplicate cards instead.


Hello again,
So with the link you posted I figured out that Anki had created separate cards for Recto->Verso and Verso->Recto… I had never noticed, but I guess it makes sense! All of the “reset” cards are V->R versions of R->V cards I had before editing my card types. I’m not sure why they’re only appearing now, but I guess I’ll just work through them so my whole deck is sorted :slight_smile:
Thank you for pointing me to the answer, and thanks for the quick reply!

In the desktop version you can easily browse through the cards while sort and filter by “card”. This way you can easily do whatever suits you best with those cards (delete, move, suspend…)

Just one more important remark on that. Anki differentiates between:
Note: the whole dataset of information for one or more cards.
Card: a learning card using specific information of a note.
Thus a note can have several cards, and a card always belongs to one note. This is really important to understand, because if you delete the note, ALL related cards are deleted, while the notes can be handeled separately (e.g. moved to different decks, suspended).
The small “C” beside the search bar indicates, that card view is activated. In the example in the pic you will see the same note below the table when clicking on the first two cards since both are based on the same note.

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