Review timing is off

You should describe in detail what you want and provide access to your deck, for example, you can export it and upload it to some file sharing site. Usually use google drive with link access.

You don’t need to pay anyone for help here! I also don’t think you have an issue to “solve,” so much as to understand.

The 2 cards you posted info about earlier –


– are indeed different cards from different notes (see the Note ID), but they are in the same deck and made from the same note type.

You can see a the top of your screenshots that they are both from the study screen of the “Current Card” – so that’s likely how you got different cards. If you want to screenshot the same card before and after grading your answer, you need to open “Previous Card Info” to get the “after” shot. Instead, that 2nd screenshot belongs to whatever card happened to come up next in your study session (probably not even a “janela” card).

From the Browse window, you can also look at the Card Info for each of these 3 cards (Cards menu, or right-click > Card Info) – and verify they are siblings (same Note ID). You’ll also see when you scroll through them that they are all showing you the same note in the Editor part of the window. If you want to see just the cards from this note, search for nid:1714400646297.


I suspect that the “Comprehension” card, which is now due on 24 Aug, will show a record of you studying it today. [Why is that card not due until August? The updated Card Info will tell us for sure, but since you reviewed the card when it was ~20 days overdue, if you got it right, Anki would factor that in to setting the next date. If you graded it Easy after 25 days, then that interval seems about right based on default settings.]


The “Spelling?” and “Production” cards appear to be “buried” as siblings of a card that you studied today (I can never remember what the colors mean on light mode, but the parentheses around the due date says they are either buried or suspended). When you check the Card Info for those, see if the “Production” card shows that you recently studied it as well – since it’s got a future due date, and the “Spelling?” card is still overdue.

Back to your original question –

It might seem like you’re seeing the same card day-after-day – but it looks like you’re seeing sibling cards. It also doesn’t look like you have duplicates in this deck, but you can see in your screenshot that you’ve got another “janela” card (still New) in a different deck. As long as you don’t click that deck to study (or click the parent deck you have in common), you won’t see that one. [If you have “extra” decks hanging around, you might want to suspend all of the cards in them – to guarantee that they won’t accidentally jump into your study session.]

Based on all that, there doesn’t appear to be any time/date/zone issues. But Anki doesn’t have its own time/date settings – it just pays attention to what your device is set to.

It does sound like your decision about what grades to apply might be a little bit off. Your default should be Good for correct, and Again for incorrect. Whenever you get a particularly Hard or Easy card correct, you can decide if you want to use those buttons, and how often – but for most learners, those are used sparingly.

Hopefully this clears up some of your concerns, but let us know if there are still question outstanding.