Repetition does not work as it used too

I don’t know what happened, maybe i pressed something but I don’t think so. I started doing some old decks today only now there is something different. When I press for example <1minute or <5minutes the card does not reset within those minutes. Instead the deck will completely finish and then the card will show up again in the same position of the que as before. In other words, it seems like it doesn’t matter which button i press, the card will not show up directly after as it used too(and as i want/need it to). I hope this was understandable and I hope there is a solution to my problem, thank you

its because anki have an option by default called learn ahead limit set to 20min, so every card <=20min, will appear in your reviews

Tools → Preference → Review

The behaviour you describe could be because you’ve changed the default 20 minutes to 0.

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