Serious problem: Anki not repeating/ showing new cards

Dear community,

I have been using a shared deck on my phone for over a year without any problems. Recently, I also wanted to learn cards on my laptop and therefore I used the sync option so that I have all the cards incuding media and time stamps on both devices.

The syncing itself worked fine, however I realized a serious problem. When I want to learn new cards now and click on the 1min again button, Anki doesnt show me the card after one minute. I can go through the whole deck clicking the button and at the end the message “Congratulations” appears although I normally would have to repeat the cards.

This problem currently appearing on both devices, I have tried to change the intervall settings to default but that hasn´t helped. With this problem I cant use Anki meaningfully.

I really hope someone has an advice for me. Thanks in advance!

You’ve set your learn ahead limit to 0, so failing cards will not immediately increase the red count. But they should come back after a minute, and I can’t reproduce the problem here.

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