Cards not showing up depending on which option I click( Again,

Hello everyone, I have had this problem since yesterday which I have never experienced through my Anki career.
Lets say I have 50 cards that I’m learning right now. When I study them and click on “Again” in order for the card to show up again within the next minute… it doesn’t. Instead, it goes on and shows the next card in order until all 50 are done.
I’ve tried changing the “Options” setting meny and below can you find a screenshot of my settings. I hope someone can help me with this irritating problem.

Learning cards are shown in the order they are due. If you have a backlog of red cards waiting for review, they’ll be presented before cards you press Again on.

What happens if all cards are learning cards? When I click "again "on a card, it doesn´t come after a minute like the Anki manual says. Instead it goes through all cards in order. Any ideas?

You’ll need to work through the backlog first.