"again" cards display latter than queued learning cards

For example, I have learned 400 new cards several days ago(mainly yesterday), and there are 400 learning cards today. When I go through these 400 cards, I may click again for some cards. I expect to see again cards in just a few minutes, but they actually display after about 20 or more minutes when I have went through about 200 cards(not all of the 400 cards, I don’t know why). Let’s say I clicked again for 10 cards when went through 200 cards, and the 10 cards would come together instead of coming just after I clicked again!

I use AnkiDroid and some of my deck options is below:

New cards -- Learing steps :  1m 10m 12h
Lapses -- Relearning steps: 10m 12h

I read the docs, and Again moves the card back to the first step. for Learning/Relearning Cards. Since the 400 cards are all in learning step, so the first step should be 1m, then why the again cards comes so later?

I think the display order of again cards is not properly inserted into the queued learning cards?

I hope I have made my problem clear :joy:

Intraday learning cards are displayed in due order. If you have a bunch of overdue learning cards, they’ll come first.

Thanks for your reply.
@dae, I think it’s better if we put the “again” cards ahead of these overdue learning cards? Maybe we can offer an option to control the order?
Since the original learning cards are already overdue, thus we can put it later. But for one “again” card, we have seen it now and want to remember it just during the process of these overdue cards.
Thinking that we have 3 “again” cards left, and when we re-learning the 3 cards finally, we have to wait another “10 minute” interval for them…

Ideally, you’d finish the learning cards on the day they are due. For times when you’re unable to do that, Anki doesn’t currently have a feature to automatically forget them, but you could manually turn them back into new cards, or temporarily suspend/bury them.

Hi @dae , you may misunderstand my question. I have added a 12h in Learning steps, so if I learned 100 cards at 21:00 last night, they will due at 3:00 AM(some cards are hard thus get a 6h interval) or 9:00 AM today. I have to sleep at 23:00 yesterday and they were not overdue yet so I could not finish the learning yesterday…
When I wake up at 6:00 today, I need to review the 100 overdue cards, and there may be 10 cards I have forgotten among them. I don’t mean to turn all the 100 cards to new cards but I just want to continue the learning process. When I review these 100 cards, I click again for the 10 cards and good for the 90 cards, and the problem is that I can not see the 10 again cards immediately instead I have to wait until I finish all the 100 cards.
I think this mechanism of learning cards is not reasonable, also it is not consist with the mechanism of review cards. For review cards, if I click again for one card, it will display in just a few minutes, that’s what I want :smiley:

Have you modified the daily cutoff time? If a learning step would place the card after your ‘next day starts at’ setting, it automatically gets converted into an interday learning card, and will not be shown ahead of learning cards that are due that day.

Hi @dae , I didn’t modify the daily cutoff time (next day starts at is 4 hours after the midnight, thus 4:00 AM).
I am a little confused with your reply. As the example in my previous post, a learning step would place the card after 4:00 AM, then it become an interday learning card today.

What is the meaning of learning cards here? Let’s say I will not study any new cards today, and all the learning cards are from yesterday. When I go through these cards, I click ‘again’ on some cards I have forgotten, but the several forgotten cards don’t show up immediately as I expect, and they show up after I have gone through all the yesterday learning cards. Maybe this is a bug? :joy:

I have to mention that not all the learning cards behavior like what I describe here.

Just like what I said in my first post, the first 200 cards have the problem and the left 200 cards behavior right (I mean when I click again on some cards, they will show up just in minutes). Note all the 400 cards are learning cards.

Let’s say today I have a number of A learning cards, B review cards, and zero new cards. The first A1 cards in A learning cards behavior abnormally and the left A2 cards in A learning cards behavior normally.
Anki give me this study order: A1(abnormal) → B(normal) → A2(normal).
I don’t know what is the card’s difference between A1 and A2… @dae , do you have any idea?

My options is below:

@dae , I get more information from today’s anki review.
As what I said, I have added a 12h in learning steps, thus some card intervals are 6h, and some are 12h. some cards are really hard for me, thus they may keep at 12h for several days (choose 'hard' keeps them at the same learning step).

The first abnormal A1 learning cards are mainly cards from the day before yesterday (they span several days), plus a few 6h cards from yesterday. The second A2 normal cards are 12h cards introduced from yesterday.
Maybe there is a bug for the learning cards that span several days?

Another behavior which maybe relate is when I re-answer last card, the next card is random for the A2, B normal cards, however for the A1 abnormal cards, the next card is fixed! For example, I answer card ‘w1’, and the next card displayed is ‘w2’, then I click ‘undo’ to back to last card ‘w1’ and re-answer it, then the next card displayed is still ‘w2’! It seems that the card order is fixed, and I don’t know whether it relate my above problem or not.

With a 12h delay, whether the card is treated as a intraday or interday learning card will depend on the current time of day. Eg if you answer at 10am, the card will be due at 10pm, so it will be an intraday learning card, and it will appear at the start of review the next day if you don’t answer it. If you wish to avoid that, you could change to a 1 day delay, so that no matter what time of day you answer the cards, they will be interday learning cards.

Hi @dae , I am a little sad that you still don’t understand my question. Maybe you are too busy to think of my particular problem…
Both A1 abnormal cards and A2 normal cards are inter-day learning cards.

Yes I know it and I’ll finish all intra-day learning cards before I sleep at 12:00 PM. Maybe I should change the ‘next day starts at’ from the default 4 hours to zero.

I think that whatever types these abnormal learning cards are, their step should reset to the first step (a few minutes) when I click ‘again’ on them, while actually they don’t show up in time.

Me too I’m afraid. Maybe someone else will be better able to help you.

@dae thanks anyway, and I appreciate your work!

This seems making much fewer A1 abnormal cards, and I’ll stick to it.

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