Why are review cards Hard, Good, and Easy buttons all stuck on 4 days? I can't fix it

I have tried everything. I went to Reddit for help, and none of the suggestions worked. I have tried changing intervals for new cards and review card settings and all of my review cards are still stuck at 4 days for all options (Hard, Good, and Easy). Please help, this is stressing me out so much

Have you changed anything in your deck options recently?

I and other people have experienced this as well. You should be able to resolve it by clicking repeat on these cards, which applies the new options to them. Are you positive that your review cards are affected? The issue I’m thinking of should only affect learning (red) cards.

Also, a screenshot of your deck options would be greatly appreciated, so we can help you better.

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I have tried a few different things that various sources have suggested. I am sure that this is happening with review cards specifically, I have payed attention and it keeps happening with green cards, not red. When you say repeat, I assume you mean the “Again” option? This issue has been driving me insane, I’m not sure why it has been so hard to fix