Newbie 2 questions

I’m fairly new to Anki. What’s the best way to do a hard reset of all my review cards if I didn’t practice for a few days and have accrued lots of reviews that I don’t want to practice?

Another question: When I am reviewing, “good” and “easy” will say that the time I’m asked will be in 2 months or something like that. But then I find that it just asks me a few days later. Is that a bug, or just something in the settings I need to change? And how would I do that?

That’s strange, have you changed the deck options recently?
I would double check the problem by examining the card info when you find a problematic card. Can you post a screenshot here, with your deck options?

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Thanks for your help!

I have not made any changes to the options.

Everything looks right, but a screenshoot of the card info (press “I” while reviewing" with the answer buttons would be nice.

Ok, here is a card that had some longer review times but I know I saw it just a few days ago.

Here’s another example. I saw it a few days back, but every time I see the card, it tells me I won’t see it again for months if I pick “good” or “easy”.

Does this explain the situation?