Playing catchup on reviewing cards. Is there a way to adjust "again, hard, good, easy" timing interval based on WHEN the card was answered or viewed last?

I have a million cards. I cannot possibly keep up (despite making filtered decks). Let’s say I made a card ~2 months ago, and I just remembered the card’s answer despite the huge length of time. My options are “again” (1 day), “hard” (2 days), “good” (3 days), and “easy” (5 days). I would love to hit “easy,” however I’m going to see this card again in 5 days after I just remembered it after 2 months in reality. Clearly, 5 days doesn’t seem like an appropriate amount of time to review the card next.

Is there a function or add-on that would adjust the time intervals based on WHEN the card was answered or viewed last?

Any suggestions Anki lovers? I’m also up for other ideas and solutions.

Thank you!

PS. I’m using Anki Desktop version 2.1.63, and AnkiDroid…so a suggestion that would affect both apps equally would be great!

If the card’s a review card, Anki will already use the actual delay to alter the scheduling. If it hasn’t reached review stage yet, you can use the ‘set due date’ feature to send it further into the future.

Thank you so much for your advice Dae!

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