Change Review cards Again/Hard/Good/Easy selections?

Often when I am studying Review cards, I find I can remember the card for the rest of the day, but I’d like to see it again tomorrow, or in a few days. But Anki only offers choices like e.g. Again (<10min), Hard (1 month), Good (6 months), Easy (1 year). I don’t want to wait a month to see the card again, I might need to see it every day for a while!

I know I can manually set the Due Date, and that’s my workaround for now, but usually I just set the Due Date for the entire deck, it’s too much work to do one card at a time. So I get to review the cards I want, but also must review the ones I remember.

Can the Again/Hard/Good/Easy available choices for Review cards be changed?

I understand I can change the Lapses Relearning Steps, but that doesn’t have any effect unless they are Learning cards. I want the choice for Review cards.


Maybe your cards graduate too soon?

There are also advanced settings to see review cards more often:

Please keep in mind that the main goal of Anki is to let an algorithm decide about the scheduling of flashcards instead of setting them manually.

If you want to see the card again tomorrow, that implies you forgot it. If you don’t want the 10 minute confirmation step when answering Again, you can remove it from the relearning steps. If you didn’t forget, but want to see it again tomorrow, you can bury it instead.

@ferophila , thank you for the useful links to better understand how Anki schedules. But I didn’t find any information to change Again/Hard/Good/Easy available choices for Review cards.

@dae, My case is I didn’t forget the card, but I will if I don’t see it again soon. Your suggestion to bury cards to see them again the next day seems to work, the card is gone and reappears next day. One extra click to bury. It doesn’t change the Again/Hard/Good/Easy selections, so I only gain the option to show in the next day, not in say 2 or 3 days, or one week.

But this method will suffice. So I mark your answer as solution, though it doesn’t exactly answer my question about changing Again/Hard/Good/Easy selections. I think there may be settings that will do this, but that isn’t clear.

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