Can I change the day settings to (re)learn cards?

So I’ve just created my first deck of cards using Anki. I am trying to learn Spanish, and in the beginning, I want to review flash cards several times a day.

However, when reviewing the flash cards I have the following options:

It seems that if a card is hard, it’ll come back after 3 days. However, as I am just starting out, I would like to practise it more often.

Can I change the standard values of Again, Hard, Good and Easy so I can review my cards more often?

Which are the deck options for that deck?

I think you are talking about these options, right?

Yes. It seems you’re using standard options, so this may be relevant to your case:

Anki is really designed to be used everyday, there’s nothing wrong if you skip a couple if days, but in that case, you’ll note that the intervals are higher than usual, due to the reasons described in the FAQ. Please, make also sure to read this:

On the other hand I wouldn’t recommend learning single, isolated words, even if you’re starting with that language. Just learn the same words, but in context, using sentences containing that words. It’s WAY more effective.

The site Word reference is your friend :slight_smile:

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