After a long break no learning possible


I started to use Anki recently. After a few weeks i took a break for about 1 months. Then I started the App to continue learning and this is no longer possible. A few days ago I could lean only one single card and since a few days there aren’t any “green” cards to learn. I tried to find an answer online but I didn’t. I do not know what to do, I just want to keep learning.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

Please, see Due times after a break - Frequently Asked Questions.


Just to add to @01101’s answer, Anki will not make to review every card every day. Instead, it will space them out progressively, in order for you to increase the number of cards you are learning (otherwise, at one moment you would need more than 24h of reviewing to get one day’s worth of reviewing). So it’s normal that sooner or later, if you don’t add anymore cards and you are remembering your cards, you will see the number of cards reviewed each day going down: it just means that Anki thinks you’re going well.


Thank you so much for your answer. The problem is, that I do not know all my vocabularies that good (there are still cards I do not know) and still have to repeat them everyday (according to my opinion). So the only way to come to shorter intervals is to keep going, right? But how can I keeo going, when there is not even one single card per day? Sorry for the amount of questions. Many thanks in advance and have a good time!

As explained in the link sent by @01101, it’s probably because Anki does take into account breaks into scheduling, which may be counterintuitive at first. In practice, this means that if you don’t review a card for a month, and then mark it as “good”, then it will blow up its intervals, because Anki will understand that, if its interval was, say, of about one day before, it was severely underestimating how well you memorized that card (ie. Anki thought you would need to review it in one day to keep it in your memory, but in fact you declared that even reviewing it after a month was good). Just answering “hard” or “again” will make these cards go back to a “normal” state, where pressing “good” doesn’t increase the interval so much, just because it will confirm to Anki that one month without reviewing was, indeed, way too much.

In the (very) long run, this won’t make a difference, because Anki will sooner or later catch up with how well you did memorize your cards, and adapt to your rhythms, but the fact that the intervals are abnormally high can drastically increase the delay before which Anki catches up (in case you clicked on “good” even though you did not actually knew the content you were asked). If that happens, you can always undo (up to a certain point) reviews, or, if you can’t undo far enough, you can forget about a card (which roughly resets its scheduling information, making it as if it was a “new” card). You will have to learn it again (from the standpoint of Anki), but in the long run it doesn’t make a difference, and it may be in practice faster than just waiting for the card to pop up again.