How do I change the review timing?

Hi. attached below the screenshoots

by default, the review times is like this

For a new cards Again, Good (10 mins), Easy (4 day)
For non new cards/forgotten cards: Again, Good (1 days), Easy (4 days)

I want it to be like this. For new and forgotten card agains, good (1 days), easy (2 days)

how do I change it?

Try setting the “Learning steps” option under deck options to “1m 1d”, and “Easy Interval” to 2. You might also want to change the “Relearning steps” option too.

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Hi. here’s my settings, but the interval still at few hours like 1h, 3h, etc, what I;ve done wrong? I just want it either again (instant) or the next day

Deck Options are not retroactive. For example, if you change an option that controls the delay after failing a card, cards that you failed prior to changing the option will have the old delay, not the new one.


then why is it a mess now? Before, it never has the same interval timeline like this

Hard is halfway between again and good. Depending on the time of day, 12 hours may push the card into the next day, hence 1d.

I think I already stated before. And I post all of my review settings, please take a look.

Regarding last screenshoot, the “good” should be like 2d instead of 1d like hard, I dont know what I’ve set wrong, please take a look.

You’ve set your second learning step to 1d, so good is 1d.

Hello, I think the same thing happens to me. On the new cards the Hard and Good options are the same: 1 day. I don’t know why this happens when my Learning Steps are the following. If the information I give is not enough, please tell me what you need to see. Thank you very much in advance.

Hard is halfway between Good and Again on the first step, which is about 12 hours. If you review in the afternoon/evening, that pushes the card to the next day.

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