Set new interval based on time elapsed since last review

Description of the situation

Hello, sorry if this has already been discussed. I was wondering if an add-on exists that adds a button which sets the new interval of a relearning card based on time elapsed since last review. My relearning steps are 10m 30m 3d. Here is the situation I had in mind:

  • On day n, at 10pm, I fail card X, and then go to sleep instead of waiting 10 min. to review it.
  • On day n+1, at 10pm, I am presented with the same card, and I remember the answer. Yet if I press good, it will be showed to me in 30min, whereas 24h have elapsed without my forgetting it: rather inefficient.

My new interval is set to 0,3 – therefore if I press easy, I might not see the card in weeks; I’d like to make sure I know it decently enough before letting it go for such a long while. A good interval would be ~ 3 days, in the case delineated above (~ 1 day x 2,5). If instead of reviewing card X on day n+1 I review it on day n+2, and still remember the answer, the last review before it exits relearning should be about six days.

Possible solution

It shouldn’t be hard to use AnkiConnect to find the latest reviewTime of the card at hand and adjust its ease factor + compute its new due date. As for triggering this routine with a button, given that Advanced Review Bottombar allows for additional buttons, that should be doable as well. When calling setSpecificValueOfCard, what parameters should be changed in addition to “due” and “factor” (I’m referring to the database terminology)? I’m concerned about the “odue” parameter: I review all my daily cards by placing them in a review deck with filter “is:due”, would that affect the process I’ve envisioned?

Thanks for taking the time to read me, I’d be grateful for any ideas.