Relearning Steps - 11.8y

I am having trouble with relearn cards. For instance, if a card is routed to relearn due to a lapse, then I can review it in relearn for a few times (usually selecting ‘good’ each time). At a certain point, usually after the 3rd or 4th ‘good’ while in the relearn section, the next time I see the card I only have the options of Again(10 min), Hard(3 days), Good(11.8 years) and Easy(11.8 years). I end up having to press Hard, even though I know the card because I don’t want the card to disappear. My lapse interval settings are 10min, 1d, 3d with a minimum interval of 3d. My max interval for review cards is 6 months.

How do I get this to stop from happening? I’m not sure what to change so that the 11.8 years doesn’t come up.

Check your Graduating interval. Maybe it is accidentally set to 12 years?

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You’ve set your minimum interval to 4320 days. The documentation could be improved here to point out that the value is in days.

Thanks for the help! I’ve adjusted the interval, but it seems card already in this relearn scheduling continue to say 11.8 years. Any ideas how I can get them out of the relearn pile without pressing Good/Easy (aka 11.8 years)? Also, if I press good/easy at 11.8 years, will they actually not show up until then or would they just be moved back to my daily review pile and remain on a regular interval?

Maybe you could manually set the due dates for these cards.

You can also change the due dates in bulk (in the Browser).

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