Broken algorithm? Extremely long learning steps for cards entering relearning

My learning steps don’t seem right to me, perhaps its something about the way I have it set up that I can’t see.
With some of my cards that have entered the relearning phase when they exit the relearning phase the next interval is 4 years which is ridiculously long and much longer than my longest interval for any card. Could this be something due to changing the learning steps and then putting a mature card through different learning steps than it originally went through?
Below is an example card and its learning steps as well as my algorithm.

Welcome to our community, and thank you for posting the screenshots so we could help you. The problem is that you have the Lapses Minimum Interval set to 1440 days, which is about 4 years. The minimum interval…

Specifies a minimum number of days a card should wait after it finishes relearning. The default is one day, meaning once relearning is finished, it will be shown again the next day.


Ah thank you for your help. I think I thought that was in minutes hence my mistake. 1440min = 24h I believe. Is there an easy way I revert these cards to a previous learning step so I can rectify this now or do I have to reschedule them or forget them?

I am not entirely sure, but I think the best solution is to use the Cards->Set Due Date function in the Browse window. This is the documentation:

Turn cards into review cards, and make them due on a certain date. This can be useful for moving cards forward or back a few days when your study schedule is interrupted. Entering a range like 60-90 will make the selected cards due between 60 and 90 days from now. New cards will have their interval set to the same delay, but reviews will be rescheduled without changing their current interval, unless ‘!’ is included at the end of the range. (Note that answer time is not recorded when manually scheduling cards, since the action can be performed even outside of review, and Anki isn’t aware of which card may or may not be shown at the time.)

If I read that correctly, you would have to enter the new interval followed by the exclamation mark (!) so that the interval will be also be changed. Otherwise, the next review would be moved up but its following interval would still be huge. So, for example, if you want to reschedule one of these cards for two days from now, enter 2! in the set due date dialog.


Thank you, yes this is the solution I opted for as well.

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