Relearning interval stuck

I had thousands of backed up cards I had not been doing for months since clinical rotations that I have been trying to slowly incorporate back into my schedule without fully resetting and forgetting them since most I still remember. BUT I also didn’t want to have my interval jump by 6 months when hitting good on a card I hadn’t seen in so long - so I go back to these overdue cards and I hit “Set due date” to be today.

However, I’m noticing now after a couple rounds of hitting “Good” on these relearning cards, that my interval does not extend beyond my max relearning interval of 6 days. I’m not sure how this happened or how to get these cards to graduate again…did changing the due date with “set due date” mess it up?

Below is a picture of an example card - the new interval stays on 6 which is my relearning maximum, even though I already hit 6 the previous cycle:

Did you adjust the number of relearning steps while cards were in relearning? That can cause steps to repeat or be skipped for a few answers.

No I didn’t change anything about my relearning steps…it is very strange I don’t know why these cards wont graduate again

It looks like you’ve changed the ‘new interval’ in the advanced settings to 0.5x, and the card previously had a 10 day interval, so I’m guessing the second 6 day interval was the card leaving relearning and being turned back into a review card.

So to get this back to normal would you suggest changing the new interval to be 1?

Click the button on the right to reset it to the default value. Changes may not apply to cards you’ve already answered Again on that are now in relearning.

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