Would it be possible to make an add-on that skips relearning steps?

  • Anki settings:

relearning steps: 1h 5h 3d 6d

1h(step 1)

5h(step 2)

3d(step 3)

6d(step 4)

  • How Anki works without add-ons.

When reviewing a card and I press the “again button” the card will appear again in 1 hour(step 1). The next time I study the card, if I press the “good button”, the next interval will be 5h(step 2).

  • Goal

When reviewing a card and I press the “again button” the card will appear again in 1 hour(step 1), but If for some reason I am not able to open Anki for 4 days(last review interval). When I finally study this card, Anki will compare the last review interval and skip each step inferior to that interval.

In this case, when I press the “good button”, the card would appear 6d(step 4) later.

If I could only study 7 days later, the relearning steps would be completely ignored and the next interval would be based purely on the last review interval as it is for non-lapse review cards.

  • Code:

get “interval” between “last review date” and “current date”.


if interval > current step

skip to the next step.

I don’t know anything about programming so this is a stupid example of code.


I think it is a good idea. A similar approach would also be useful for skipping learning steps of “overdue” new cards.

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That would be awesome. It would save so much time. I hope it can become a default behavior.

I’ve written an add-on to do this using the custom scheduling feature in the the V3 scheduler as an experiment:

Warning: The add-on hasn’t receive much testing yet. Use at your own risk.


I was able to install it but cant make it work here…

Did you try Tools > Skip (Re)Learning steps > Override custom scheduling code as described in the readme? If still not working or changing anything, I’m afraid I’m not sure what’s the issue and don’t have the time currently to investigate it.

Yes i did try that. Thanks for trying though. I hope it works for other users because this is a very useful feature.