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I have generated hundreds of cards which I review every day. Most of the time I answer good, or eventually answer Good or Easy after reviewing card several times.
In 2 days my Deck is normally finished and I go to another one. First Deck is done and I start to forget it in 4-5 gays, so I use custom study for it: review days ahead. How to make it automatically suggest reviewing the Deck without using custom study? What setting should I look for to make Deck review sooner?

Is it possible after 3-4 days remind me to review a Deck, but only words which at least once were answered Hard or Again , this type of cards have usually answers Again, Hard, Easy ?

Last is Easy as I had to answer Easy at the end in order to finish a Deck.

This is not really how Anki was intended to work. Instead of trying to micro-manage your reviews, I’d suggest you wait until the cards become due for review. If you wish to review more frequently than Anki would normally, the easiest way to do that is to upgrade to the latest Anki(Mobile) versions, enable FSRS, and then adjust your desired retention.

Yes, I have FSRS, see the picture, how can I make my card reviews to come sooner, please advise?

I create new Deck each time I want to memorize new words (20 words x 5 sentences= 50 sentences). Is it correct way? I could import to 1 existing deck as well if it’s better

Higher desired retention with result in shorter intervals between reviews. Deck Options - Anki Manual

I’ll add that you can also set the Maximum Interval (In preset options in the FSRS section). This will make card interval increase normally up to that limit. This setting and the retention suggestion suggested by others apply on a per card level, not per deck though, which it seems like you’re after (?).

Yes, that really worked! Thanks.
It’s not obvious when you read the article for the first time and it would be nice to see formula in the description. I’ve increased Desired retention to 0.93 and got more words for my old decks.

Maximum Interval applies to all cards, I suppose, meaning the system will force me to review all cards in the deck after say 3 days.

If I answer Again or Hard, it means card is very difficult and I need to review it. Some cards that I generate are so easy, so that I wish not to review them more then 2 times.

I’ll try with increasing retention to 0.92 and see how it goes. One change at a time, then I can play with Maximum Interval .

It is doing the right thing, cards reviewed 2 or 3 times, which were set Hard, are scheduled for closer review. But how can I move the cards reviewed only 1 time and set to Good/Easy further in time, I.e. how to increase due date for them significantly?

Since I use Auto Advance function to listen to the cards when driving or on a workout, it set to Good (I would prefer to set Easy, unless I interfere and set Hard/Again and mark the card as difficult manually). But there is no Easy option for AutoAdvance…

So I try to survive with Good for auto Advance. If I review cards in manual mode, then I can use Good to be consistent in a case I know the card.

You’re asking for some cards to be due sooner, and some cards to be due later – that’s not how scheduling works. FSRS already knows how you’ve been rating cards before (you have it optimized based on your own review history) and how successful you’ve been with them. Frankly, it remembers that history better than you do! Perhaps you could try trusting the scheduling algorithm for a while, rather than trying to impose your own decisions about when you see the cards?


Yes :+1: I’ll give it a chance :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m importing cards with text from GPT and audio generated by Microsoft Azure. But this is another topic :grin:
I have already reviewed around 10 000 cards, which is really huge. And I hope Anki will do it right and help me in learning Swedish

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