Intervals on cards way longer than settings

Hi, I am a not-very experienced Anki user, but I am trying to start using it for the next couple of months to prep for my boards exam. I am continuously having issues where the intervals shown on my cards do not match up to my settings. I had to recently reset the whole deck when my “Good” interval was stuck at 6.7 months in the future. Now after a couple days of use my new cards are again showing intervals that are too far in the future, although now just 6 days ahead. There was an error box that popped up that I didn’t get a screenshot of while I was unlocking cards before this error began to happen…something about a syncing problem?

I will attach some screenshots of my settings below:

My settings:

An example card under the above settings:

Card info for the example card:

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening or some steps I can take to fix it? So far I have:
-removed all add-ons
-restarted Anki multiple times
-used the “Check Database” and “Check Media” tools

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

This should explain what happened with that card:

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The 3d/6d/8d looks in line with your settings - you have configured the graduating interval/easy interval to 6 and 8 days, and if you adjusted the learning steps while cards were in learning, Anki may think that card is on the last learning step which is 3d.

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