Help! Anki "Again" and "Good" Intervals are the Same


I’ve been struggling with my anki intervals after maturing a card. The new cards are completely fine but once I do a card for a while the intervals turn into “10m”, “15m” “10m” and “2 days” (listed in order of again, hard, good, easy) as seen in the screenshot above. I thought there must be something wrong with the “Lapses” settings so I changed everything to default settings but the same problem arose. Then I looked up videos and changed my settings to completely replicate AnKing’s settings (couldn’t link his video in this post but it’s called Best Anki Settings) but the problem was still there.

These are my current settings but like I said I’ve tried tweaking them but had the same problem:

I would really appreciate any help!
Thank you!

When you change the learning steps while cards are in learning, you may get strange results until you review the cards a few times or answer again/easy.

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