Intervals are not spread out


My Anki shows the intervals 1m 1m 1m 4m for all new cards even though my Anki settings are all the default settings that the application comes with. Please help as there is no point in using Anki if these are the intervals for every card.

Thank you so much

i have the “same” problem but with hard and good intervals… and I’m waiting for a reply in another topic :slight_smile:

Please let me know when you receive a reply!

It looks like your learning steps are “1m 1m” instead of “1m 10m”. Please double check the deck options.

These are the deck options. It is set at 1m 10m.

Probably you changed the number of learning steps while cards were in learning. The issue should resolve itself after you answer the cards with Again/Easy, or after a few reviews.

so is it normal if there are some “same” intervals day/minutes?

Now I am using the Anking Settings


If you changed the number of learning steps while cards were in learning, yes.

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thanks… what do you think about these Asking settings?

After doing the Anki cards that have intervals ‘1m 1m 1m 4d’, they show up again with the exact same intervals after a minute when I answer the cards with Again/Easy. Do you know why this is still happening after answering the cards multiple times?

I think you are confusing different cards. If I take one of your 1m/1m/1m cards and move it into its own deck so it can be easily identified, then answer Again on it, it appears again with the correct steps on the buttons.

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