Questions about lapses / rescheduled cards back to 1 day after weekend off?

Really confused on why my cards are all set back at 1 day for “good” and “hard” for my cards after not doing cards over the weekend. Some of these cards were set to be reviewed at 7days+ when I last hit “good” upon review and I’m not sure why so many are now at 1 day when I hit good. Is it because of the 2 days off this weekend? Or how I have my lapse settings set up? I thought that it was the maximum interval setting that controlled this and with mine set at 180 it would be okay after 2 days.

My settings are as followed:
New Cards
Learning: 5m 1d 3d
Graduating interval: 6
Easy interval: 8
Insertion order: Random

Relearning steps: 10m 1d
Minimum interval: 1
Leech threshold: 8
Leach action- tag only

Max interval: 180
Starting ease: 2.5
Easy bonus: 1.3
Interval modifier: 1
Hard interval: 1.2
New interval: .2

Why have my cards been rescheduled to now only allow 1 day after hitting good when they previously were at multiple days / 1 week +? And how do I adjust settings to prevent this in the future? I understand anki is meant to be studied every day, but I am hoping that if I miss a day, the cards will pile up, but they will not change their setting on all going back to 1 day as good, but rather retain their previously designated time frame (i.e a card I hit good on Friday for 2 days, if not studied on Sunday (2 days), will still be scheduled the same way waiting for me to hit ‘good’ or any other response on Monday, rather than the same card reading 1 day if I hit good on Monday)

Did those cards in question lapse, i.e., you pressed again while they were in review phase?

Can you find a card with which you have encountered this issue, and upload the screenshot of card info?

In SM2, overdue cards behave the same way other cards do. As far as I know, if you had a 7d interval and you missed your study that day, it still should be fine. Upon next day’s study, Anki applies it’s settings the same way it would do for any other day. The intervals never decrease in Anki unless the card’s review history has an again, in which case your lapse settings get applied.

I think you’re mistaken about what is happening. Likely you are seeing similar cards and confusing them for each other. Other options include: changing your learning steps (number or length) while you have cards in Learn, and … nope, that’s pretty much it.


I appreciate you posting your settings, but what we’d really need to see is a screenshot of the Card Info (Statistics - Anki Manual) for a card where you have seen this happen. Then we can walk you through how those settings acted at each step.

That’s not correct (for either algorithm). How the SM-2 algorithm handles overdue cards is documented in the FAQ. FSRS follows a similar logic (with much, much more math).

I did not mean to contradict what you quote. I am well aware that days elapsed is what matters for SM2. I just did not tell him that. Fun fact: For FSRS, this also applies if a card is in (re)learning and I was the person who suggested the change as I often take multiple days to complete (re)learning steps.

If you read again what I said, I say nothing about interval vs days elapsed.

Edit: If you write something making accusations and asking me to defend myself, just know that I’ll not respond to you then.

I read it again. It still says the same incorrect things – the above quote, as well as you saying that after missing a review day:

When a user is specifically asking about what happens during delayed reviews, saying “I am well aware … I just did not tell him that” – isn’t useful.

My concern is whether the user is getting misleading or conflicting information. If you offer that, I’m likely to try to correct it. But I have no need for you to respond to me or defend yourself – feel free to just accept the correction and move on.

Anybody with basic human decency would refrain, but yours probably wasn’t inculcated fully during childhood. You could’ve provided him the info you think I missed and just move on, but you will not do that. It’s good progress that this time you didn’t say I was racing against others because it serves “some sort of purpose” for me.

I didn’t gave anyone wrong information. Anki does apply the same settings the same way regardless of when you study your cards. But he wasn’t really inquiring that. All he wanted to know was whether cards re-start from 1d interval and what I say make it completly clear. I will not accept correction when I’m already correct. I didn’t thought it was necessary to tell him that Anki will take into account the time that passes after the due date to readjust the calculation of next interval. He might not think of days elapsed but that shouldn’t matter in this case.

If you think something needs to be said just say it. No need to enlighten me. I don’t feel the need to tell others what information they should have proffered and what information is “tangential” and they should have not. But I understand you are different. “You take this job seriously”. So you probably “don’t have time” to entertain people like me. So please just move on.