Lapsed cards do not advance past one day interval

I’m having a major problem with Anki not changing the interval for Hard, Good, or Easy Cards.

For old cards, the issue seems to occur after a card lapses. For new cards, the issue occurs when the card graduates. The cards will only display 1 Day Interval for Hard, Good, and Easy. No matter how many times I press any of those buttons, the interval is perpetually 1 Day.

I did some experimenting and created a completely new deck and added a tester card in it. The issue appeared immediately after graduating the card. This appears in any new deck regardless of the preset I use, including Anki’s default settings. Sometimes the issue appears after lapsing and sometimes it appears after graduating.

I know that changing the preset in the deck options can cause issues with the cards sometimes and that you must graduate the card so that it can reset. In the past, I used this solution to fix buggy cards, however, that solution doesn’t work for this issue. For instance, the problem is occurring on new cards, not just old cards with changed step settings. Additionally, I’m unable to graduate the cards at all because the interval never advances.

I’ve tried using the Default Anki preset and many of my custom ones, but none of them are working. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Anki, but the problem persists. I’ve tried uploading a backup and nothing changes.

Would appreciate any help because I’m completely unable to use Anki at this point and I’m fresh out of ideas to troubleshoot this.

Update: I’ve currently tried downgrading to an older version of Anki which did not work. I’ve deleted all decks and cards from the database and started fresh, which did not work. I’ve also created a new user profile which didn’t work.

Is there something in the scheduler that might prevent graduated and lapsed cards from being rescheduled early? I can’t find anything in the manual about this.

I’d double check the maximum interval set in the deck options, since it sounds like it’s been set to 1 day.

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