New interval for lapses doesn't seem to be working


I have a new interval of 22%; and still, cards always go to 1 day, no matter what the previous interval was.

Take, for instance, this card:

You can see that it went from 2.33 months to 1 day, instead of ~15days (=70*0.22).

Here are my settings for this card:

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I dread hitting “again” more and more now.

Assuming you’ve got the settings set on the right deck, it should work. Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for the link, though only “check database” may potentially be of help. I’ve done that now, and I’ll have to see whether the issue reoccurs the next time I lapse a card.

However, some cards don’t appear to have this issue and I have a suspicion that it only occurs with cards that were created before I set the deck’s New Interval to 22% (from 0%), which are most of my cards.

Even if your cards were created before, it should work if you’re using the right settings in the right deck. If you’re using subdecks, I would check that all of them are using the same “new interval” setting.

Changing the new interval will affect cards you review after the change. It will not alter any cards that you answered prior to making the change.