Automatic increase of scheduling without learning

Hello, I have a problem with the sceduling of my anki cards. Normally i have the interval 1min, 10min, 1day, 3 day etc.

If I am learning a card and I click 1day, it does reappear one day after that. And if I am learning this card the day after again, i have the correct interval proposed (3days for the option “good”). So far so good.

But if I leave this card unlearned and I learn it for example 3 days after hitting the “1 day” scedule button, the new options are 1) again - 10 mins, good 7 days. 7 days instead of 3. So the longer I wait with learning my cards, the longer the interval gets.

Thats actally a problem because I now have like 5000 cards and I cannot learn all of them each day.

What can I do?

My current settings regarding repeating cards:
max. repeats per day: 9999
bonus: 130%
interval factor: 100%
highest inverval: 36000 days

Anki uses the real interval (days passed) rather than the scheduled interval. If you can recall a card after 7 days, the next interval should be longer, no matter how long the interval should have been originally.
For example, if the card was scheduled for 3 days later, but you only reviewed it (successfully) 7 days later, and we would schedule it based on the original interval, that would mean a new interval of about 7 days. But that doesn’t make any sense, because you’ve already proved that you can recall the card 7 days later, so the new interval should be much longer.


Okay I see why they do that, thank you =)