Scheduler scheduling too early

This is odd, I answer good which is +3 days, +21 days and so on, but I get the same cards the next day. This is with the Anki scheduler 2.1 activated, Version ⁨2.1.38 (355e4cd5)⁩/MacOSX , Graduating interval 1 days, easy interval 4 days (default). Pilot error, something else?

Can you reproduce that without add-ons and what does the review log of a card with that issue look like?

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I will turn off all add-ons. How do I activate the review log? Also, if I switch to the previous official scheduler, will that cause any big grief, do I need to reset something in the database (sqlite?) in case some fields are different?

You can see the review log of a card when you rightclick it in the browser ans select Info....
I don’t think switching to the old scheduler will do you any good as it’s unlikely that the issue is caused by the scheduler.

I disabled all extensions, the three were not (supposedly) involved with card scheduling, but who knows. So far good. I actually like the clean look. If I see something odd and could figure out a pattern how it happens, I will file a bug.