Timing interval issues

Hi there, I am new to Anki and my friends have helped me set up my account.

I currently have my maximum interval set at 1 day, as I like my cards to be able to come back pretty quickly. This is generally true for most of my cards, however some of them are wanting to come back in 10 or 11 days if I rate that particular card ‘good’ or ‘easy’.

I don’t know why this is happening when my max. interval is 1 day. How do I fix this please?

Enabling the V3 scheduler from Tools > Preferences > Review should probably fix this.

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Thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to see preferences when I go onto tools (I have added a picture for reference), or am I looking in the wrong place please?

It’s under the Anki menu on Macs (I wasn’t aware of that).

Thank you for your help!

Unfortunately it is already turned on so I don’t think that is the problem.

Have you got any other ideas please?

Please take a screenshot of your deck options and attach it here.

Hi Dae, thank you for replying. Here is some screenshots of my deck options:)

Hmm, you shouldn’t be seeing intervals over a day with those settings. Are you on the latest Anki, and does it happen with all add-ons disabled? If you sync with AnkiWeb, please let me know your email privately (anki.tenderapp.com) and a card that shows this behavior, so I can try to reproduce the problem.

I believe I’m on the latest Anki as I only downloaded it a few weeks ago (Version ⁨2.1.66 (70506aeb)⁩) but I could be wrong.

Which add-ons are you referring to please? I have image occlusion added if that’s what you mean?

I have just synced with AnkiWeb. I have attached two screenshots of cards which have this problem, but I can let you know which specific cards in which deck when I can let you know my email.

How do I let you know my email privately please through the Anki.tenderapp? Sorry I’m so new to this!