Stuck at a 1 day review interval after upgrading to the new scheduler?

After I upgraded to the new scheduler, many cards “re-appeared” in my reviews. Cards I haven’t seen for a long time. I had a suspicion that something had happened, because I felt that it was too long since I had seen many specific card, but now they’re back after upgrading to the new scheduler. However, I’m having a problem. For example: I have a card that’s easy for me to remember, so I hit the right-most button which should schedule the card to be ready for a new review further and further into the future. What I’m seeing though, is that I have to review this card every single day. Even though I hit the right-most button, it’s always scheduled for the very next day.

This is what it looks like when I review an example card:

This is what the card info is before clicking “Easy”:

This is what the card info is after clicking “Easy”:

Is this weird? Am I misunderstanding something?

Perhaps you have the maximum interval in the deck options set to 1 day?

Thanks for responding! No, the deck settings are different than that. I “solved” my issue though, by just resetting the schedule information (i.e. forgetting) for all those cards. There weren’t too many of them, so that didn’t feel too bad to do.

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