Another choice for order in filtered decks

I’d like to order the deck in the reverse of “Order Due.”

I like the thought process behind “Relative Overdueness”, but sometimes you get so behind that you’re no longer worried about “the cards you’re most in danger of forgetting first.” You’ve already forgotten them.

When I create Custom Study Sessions, I usually sort by Increasing Interval, so that the cards I studied and got wrong yesterday will show up first. That does work ok.

But I’d like to sort by the cards due “most recently” so that I can see them as closely as possible to when the program thinks I should. I want to study the cards that were due today. After that, I want to study the cards that were due yesterday. Then the day before, etc.

The only way to accomplish that is to sort by the reverse of “Order Due” as far as I can tell. I’d like that option to be added.

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@David will AnkiDroid’s filtered deck options screen cope with a new order value outside of the existing range?