Rebuilding Filtered Decks

Hello all,

I have a question about rebuilding filtered decks.

I created filtered decks using various specified tags, and I use these to review daily. After my reviews, I go back to main deck, unsuspend new cards (with my specified tag for the filtered deck).

In order to get these newly unsuspended cards into the filtered deck, I have to rebuild the filtered deck. When I do this, the newly unsuspended cards are added to the filtered deck (as expected) but all of the cards that I had reviewed earlier that day from the filtered deck reappear in the review column as if I haven’t reviewed at all today.

I’m sorry if this isn’t clear, I’m new to Anki and trying my best to understand what I’m doing wrong/ fixing this issue ASAP.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

When you create your filtered deck, you just answer as “wrong” and “right” - or something similar?
If so, you’ve probably put an option so that your filtered deck isn’t considered a review.
If not, I will try to look for other ways of thinking…

I’ve made sure I checked the “Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck” option and when I go through the review cards in my filtered deck, I get the usual ‘Again’, ‘hard’, ‘good’, ‘easy’ options. I usually pick ‘good’ and move on until i finish all the review for the day before unsuspending new cards from original deck.

With the old scheduler, cards in learning and relearning are reset when emptying (or rebuilding) a filtered deck. The solution is to update your Anki and enable the new scheduler.

If your filtered deck uses a search like “deck:foo”, that will include any cards from deck foo, regardless of whether they’ve been studied today or not. If you adjust the search to something like ‘deck:foo is:due’, that will only include cards that are currently due.

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Thank you for your reply but I’m already on the Anki 2.1.44 version

This worked!

Only one problem: it leaves zero cards in my new card pile of the filtered deck (which makes sense since I have yet to view them therefore they aren’t due) BUT I’d like to, for example, be able to do my filtered deck reviews due today then do 200 new cards out of the pile of “new” cards I should have in the filtered deck (because I’ve filtered based on a tag that has >1000 cards I haven’t even attempted yet)

Is there a way to have the due cards show in the “learning” column and also have the new cards in the “new” column?

Your help is much appreciated, I hope my question makes sense!

Resolved … I think… I’m not sure if my “solution” will end up having some back end issue I’m not currently seeing but it looks like it works ¯_(ツ)_/¯

when I adjust the search to ‘deck:AnKing is:new OR is:due’

I get all of the learning cards that are due today in the “Learning” column and all of the new cards that I have yet to attempt in the “New” column!

Thank you all for your help, esp @dae

Feel free to let me know if there will be some catastrophic back end result from my search adjustment :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had misunderstood what you meant by “reappear in the review column as if I haven’t reviewed at all today”. I’m glad dae could solve it for you. :slightly_smiling_face:
deck:AnKing is:new OR is:due should work fine for your use case. However, if I understand your workflow correctly, it may be easier to set the first filter to deck:AnKing is:due and the second filter to deck:AnKing is:new. Then you can set the number of new cards in the filtered deck directly and don’t need to keep unsuspending cards.

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