Will the filtered deck add new cards to the deck every day?

Ex. I created a filtered deck that gives me 100 new cards every day and I’m currently have 600 overdue cards. So every day will I have 100 new cards to my deck until I have caught up?

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You can use the “rebuild” command for that.

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How will I know that the “rebuild” deck won’t have the same cards from the previous “rebuild” deck. Also how will I know when to stop rebuilding aka reached the 600 cards?

If you’ve built a filtered deck for new cards, you have already used is:new as a parameter. So, when you click on “Rebuilt” anki will give you new cards.

Anyway, could you explain your use case in detail? Maybe (maybe) there are better options to do what you want to do.


So im currently behind on around 600 decks and it is possible for be to finish it today but I have other decks I need to go through for the mcat which is also a lot. Thus, instead of doing all those today I’m trying to be more efficient so I can go to my other decks as well (which is well over 300). I heard about creating a filtered deck to catch up which is why im trying to figure out how it works. I hope that makes sense

So basically I’m trying to make a filtered deck to catch up on the 600 decks I’m behind on but my concern is to make sure that I’m not creating a filtered deck and rebuilding the same cards I saw from the previous rebuilt deck

I include “prop:due<=-7” in my filtered decks so that it limits the search to cards that are overdue by over a week. Once you have reviewed them, their new due date will be in the future, so rebuilding the deck will not include them.
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So you’re saying put in “prop:due<=-7” and rebuild every day so the filtered decks don’t include the same cards from before?

Yep, that’s what I do. Its also one of the suggestions in the manual:

It will only contain the cards again if you haven’t studied them for a week after their next due date. (if they fall behind again)

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