Trouble with filtered decks and catching up

Hello, I am in need of help. I am a second year medical student who used the Anking deck starting this January. I used the Shamim method where I moved cards from the Anking deck into a “Combined Current Deck”. I did this for a few thousand cards and unsuspended them as I watched Boards and Beyond videos which worked reasonably well.

In May, school became more overwhelming and I stopped using Anking. My cards stacked up and I now have thousands of backlogged cards. I started using the filtered deck method of catching up where I use Just due deck: “deck:Combined Current” is:due prop:due>-3" and Overdue deck: “deck:Combined Current” is:due prop:due<=-3. Unfortunately, I see some cards in my parent deck that were only due 2 days ago, but do not show up in the “Just due” deck which confuses me.

Additionally, I am attempting to watch new Boards and Beyonds videos to learn new content and I am happy to catch up on my back log of cards at a slower rate if it means I can continue to learn newer content simultaneously. When I learn new content, I have been using the change “set due date” to “0”. Will this mess anything up with the algorithm?

I feel as though my settings for Anking are messed up as I have unsuspended cards in different decks, but I feel as though I have made too much progress to start over from scratch and I am wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Any help is much appreciated, thank you so much.

Just to check - did you rebuild the filtered deck? Filtered decks won’t update automatically as days pass.

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