Mistakes in manual - filtered decks

There are some ambiguities or mistakes:

By default, Anki will return cards to their home decks with altered scheduling, based on your performance in the filtered deck. There is a reschedule cards based on my answers option available which alters this behaviour.

If it alters the altered scheduling, then rescheduling option doesn’t reschedule?

I am not sure what the option:

Create/update this deck even if empty

does and it is not described in the manual. The filtered deck is already created, how is it being created again as in “create/update”? And should it be “after empty” and not “even if” empty?

Let’s say that you have a filtered deck that finds all cards with the tag sport that are due today (or overdue). So it uses the search is:due tag:sport.

Now let’s say you decide to rename that tag to sports because it sounds better. You can right-click on the tag in the left-hand-side sidebar and select Rename.

So now you have to edit your filtered deck and change its query to is:due tag:sports, and then click the Build button (which is actually labeled Rebuild when you’re updating an existing filtered deck).

But let’s say you’ve finished all your reviews for the day, so you don’t have any cards due at the moment.

By default, if the search query returns zero cards, then clicking Build (or Rebuild) will refuse to create (or update) the filtered deck. I guess maybe that guards against creating useless filtered decks that will never work because of typos in the search string.

But in this case you really do want to update the definition of the filtered deck right away. You don’t want to wait one day until new cards become due.

So you select “Create/update this deck even if empty”, and now clicking on Rebuild successfully updates the search string.

Note: unlike the other two checkbox options, this option is applied only once, when you click the Build/Rebuild button. The next time you click on Options for this filtered deck, this checkbox will again be blank.

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If “Reschedule cards based on my answers” is turned off, then reviewing the filtered deck doesn’t actually change the due dates of any cards. So it’s kind of a read-only review.

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Yes, I agree, but the explanation is wrong in the manual.

BTW it doesn’t allow me to post a link to the manual, but I think there’s only 1.

Thx for the explanation regarding the “create/rebuild deck” options, this seems highly strange. If someone has an empty deck, they can rebuild or not rebuild it by clicking or not clicking the rebuild button. So why is there the need for an extra option to take away the choice of clicking a button that’s there?

And if I want to allow changing the criteria for selecting cards for a filtered deck when the deck is empty, I have to re-click it every time? Not even sure why empty status is at all important to allowing one to change a deck’s definition.

There’s no option for a filtered deck to rebuild itself automatically when more cards meet the criteria (eg if using if:due)? Before I thought maybe that’s what the option you just described did.

Another thing in the manual, there are also lots of references to a V2, and even V1 scheduler, and it says somewhere that one can select V2 in the options, but in Anki 23.10.1 it is not even an option.

Not everyone is using 23.10+.

So have separate versions of the manual. 23.10 is what is displayed as the download when going to the Anki page, if that is the suggested version then it makes it confusing for new users who then go to the manual. I don’t know what a V1 or V2 scheduler is, or that mine has V3. I don’t know initially why the manual gives instructions, that when I go to my Anki, it doesn’t work.

Maintaining different versions of the manual would be a nightmare.
Eventually, references to scheduler v1 and v2 will disappear, but there are still los oof people using older anki versions.

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