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So, I’ve subscribed to Ankihub and have downloaded a deck of approximately 27k cards. From this deck I have created subdecks using the filtered deck option. As I am studying several courses simultaneously I am going to be using these filtered subdecks over a long period of time and so I am dependent on having a functional algorithm to have proper intervals between cards that I supposedly know after doing them for a few times and the ones that I don’t. However, I have realised that with these filtered decks, once you have “finished” a card, that is, pressed good once or twice, it returns to the main deck. I have read that this can be solved by rebuilding the deck, however, that puts the card in due straight away and does not follow the algorithm and becomes scheduled, let’s say, one week a head as it would with “your own decks”.
Is there a way to go around this? If I haven’t made myself clear, please do ask me to clarify as I really want to solve this problem.

By default, Anki will return cards to their home decks with altered scheduling, based on your performance in the filtered deck. There is a reschedule cards based on my answers option available which alters this behaviour.

I think your best solution is to permanently move those cards into the subdeck arrangement that you want – using Change Deck, Browsing - Anki Manual.

Filtered Decks are designed for studying outside of the normal schedule and focused one-off studying, so it’s hard to customize them to behave like a standard deck. If you want to study the cards that are due/overdue today, a standard deck is a perfect fit. [You don’t mention it, but your current setup also doesn’t give you any indication of what cards in the Filtered Deck are actually due to be studied, or how many to study today/where to stop, etc.]

If you really, really, really want to do this with Filtered Decks, you can add prop:due<=0 to your search filter to narrow it to just the cards due/overdue today – and rebuild it every day before you study. Or you can change the Order of your Filtered Deck, since cards are displayed in the order they are selected in. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

Thank you for your answer. I have considered doing what you suggest. To move the cards physically. But as I understand it, if I do this then I will lose the consistent update from Ankihub where the original deck is from, won’t I? I mean if they decide to change a card due to update in facts and such. Since the cards are no longer in this deck they will be void of such updates.

Yes that is true. But then I won’t get the scheduling that I want, which is to do cards consistently for this period of time, where they are spaced out over days to weeks. But thank you for your answer.

I think that’s a question for AnkiHub – it depends on what they are doing with their updates.

Yes, it’s possible that the cards will be moved back to their original decks when you get an update. That would support studying the cards in the place they exist already – and suspending the other cards in that deck that you don’t need right now.

Another alternative would to tag the notes with the name of the deck (assuming AnkiHub isn’t overwriting your tags), so you can move them quickly back where you want them after an update.

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I think I’ll just have to try and move them. Because filtering them back and forth and rebuilding will still cause the issue of them getting out of schedule. Thank you for your input.

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