Strange behaviour with filtered decks

Hi Damien,

I have discovered a behavior that is not logical for me. For example, I have the settings in a normal deck set to 10 new daily. And I have a filtered deck with 10 new ones. Then I make the filtered deck. If it is a subdeck of the normal deck, it counts down the made cards in the normal deck. But if it is not a subdeck of the normal deck, it does not count down the cards in the made deck. Even though I have actually made 10 new ones through the filtered deck, the normal deck says I haven’t made any new ones yet and need to do so. This used to be different.

Is it a bug or a feature?


Are you sure it’s changed behaviour? If you switch back to the v2 scheduler you should be able to confirm if it behaves differently or not.

Yes, it is. With the old scheduler when I draw cards into a filtered deck, the display in the normal deck is responsive, even if the filtered deck isn’t a subdeck of the normal one. Just tested again.

As I wrote, different with V3 and I don’t see the sense of it.

Ok, I see what you mean. This was unintended behaviour in the v2 scheduler, and it only happened when when using Easy the first time the card appeared, or when using a single learning step.

Ah, I see. I used a single learning step of 7.

But is it really logical? If I set a normal deck to 10 new cards a day, I would expect, that these cards get count down in the normal deck too, even if I learn them in a filtered deck.

And so it works, but only, when the filtered deck is a subdeck of the normal deck.

But anyway, I can deal with it both ways.


It may seem logical to you as you’re used to it, but I imagine it might surprise other people.

You’re right. That might well be the case. :slight_smile: