Issue with custom/filtered decks

Previously, when I made a custom deck that was not set to reschedule cards, there would only be 2 buttons present, Again and Easy, but now it shows all 4 of the normal buttons. I’m not sure if this is just from an update or if it is related to the second part of the problem, which is the main issue.
Sometimes now, when I mark a card as Easy, which should end it and send it back to its original deck, it comes up again as the next card in the filtered deck. When I look in the browser to see which deck the card is in, it says it was sent back to its original deck but is still showing in the filtered deck again. When it appears the second time it seems to reschedule the card based on my answer (even though the filtered deck is set to not reschedule). I can’t figure out why it is only occurring with specific cards either. I have tried disabling add-ons (the only one I use is Enhanced Cloze), which did not work.
If anyone knows what the issue is or how to fix it I would appreciate it, thanks.

For the fact that there are four buttons that sounds like what is expected using v3 scheduler, from the manual:

v3 scheduler
Filtered decks with rescheduling disabled show 4 buttons in the v3 scheduler - the provided delay applies to the Again button, and Hard/Good will use 1.5x and 2x the provided delay. Easy will remove the card.

As for the issue with cards reappearing, you don’t happen to have the filtered decks as a child deck?

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