BUG: Filtered decks don't work with V3

Filtered decks are not working on V3 and I don’t know how to fix it. I know for sure V3 is responsible for this because the issue appeared as soon as I installed V3.

This is the situtation: I have a pre-built filtered deck, which automatically adds all the mistakes I made on a given day. I like to do my normal Anki drill in the morning and in the evening I go over the filtered deck (= the cards I answered incorrectly in the morning). The filtered deck was working perfectly with V2. But it doesn’t work with V3

This is the issue: as I am reviewing my filtered deck, cards that I ALREADY responded correctly pop back in the filtered deck. Not only ones, but multiple times. This is not just a bug, but it is also horribly time-consuming because in some cases I need to go over many of these cards multiple times before the filtered deck goes back to zero. It feels like swimming against a current of cards randomly popping up again and again. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thank you!

If the filtered deck has rescheduling turned off, cards will not leave the filtered deck until you press Easy.

Thanks for your reply, Dae! Do you mean until I press EASY or until I press GOOD?

I normally just hit Space Bar / Enter (which is the shortcut for Good).

Let me better explain the issue: As I review the filtered deck, some cards that I have ALREADY reviewed and that I have ALREADY marked as “Good”, randomly (emphasis on randomly) come back to the filtered deck.

I noticed that because I started noticing something weird: “wait a second, I already reviewed this card and I am 100% confident that I hit “Good”, then why is it poping up again?”

Anyway, that’s the problem. As I mentioned it only occurs with Filtered Decks. Any idea why it could be happening? I am 100% sure this wasn’t happening with V2.

The v3 scheduler doesn’t remove cards until they are marked Easy. In the next update, you’ll be able to have them removed when answering Good as well.

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Oh, I see… thank you! I have a follow-up question: Do you know if marking a card EASY while the card is in the filtered deck leaves the “easy stamp” in the card PERMANENTLY, or as soon as I undo/empty the filtered deck the “easy stamp” disappears?

Another comment: what I find strange is that this issue of cards reappearing in the filtered deck occurs only with some random cards, not with all the cards.

When rescheduling is off, cards are returned to their home deck with the same scheduling they had when they were placed in the filtered deck.

Until cards are rated Easy, they will come back again for review, but they will not do so in the same order they were originally seen in. Please switch to using Easy for now, and you should not see any reappear.

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JANUARY 2024 update. The problem has mutated:
I have a filtered deck with the mistakes that I made in the day.
In the past, if I didn’t answer a card from this filtered deck correctly, the card would remain in the filtered deck until I answered it correctly (just as when you’re doing a normal deck review).
Now, my answer in filtered decks is irrelevant. All cards go away even if I click “Again”.
Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Any solutions?

If the filtered deck was created with an older Anki version, you’ll need to either create a new one, or open its settings and adjust the delays for again/hard/good.

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