Two option answer disappeared in Filtered Decks

Hey there…
Any one has a solution for this issue:
Earlier I could create a filtered deck and choose not to reschedule based on my aswers and anki would only show to options (either to repeat the card or to take it back to the original deck). recently after i reinstalled anki may be, (but this happened both on laptop and anki mobile) the filtered decks in which I choose “do not reschedule” do not show two options, but the regular four options (again, hard, good,easy). So it is not putting the cards back to the original deck, and repeating the same cars again and again…
my version of Anki is Version ⁨23.10.1 for Mac.
Any ideas?

In the latest release 23.12beta2, the release notes say:

  • When rescheduling is disabled in a filtered deck, you can now choose different delays for again, hard and good. Set to 0 to have that button immediately remove the card.

So maybe that would address the issue?


indeed. that’s it. I should have read it…
thank you!

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