Trying to understand filtered deck


I’m using v2 scheduler.

I would like to understand what happens with the cards in the filtered decks. The manual says:

“By default, Anki will use the steps of a card’s home deck. If a new card would normally be reviewed twice when being learnt, the same thing will happen when you study it in a filtered deck.
Cards return to their home deck when (re)learning is complete. Thus if you have 3 learning steps, a new card will return to its home deck upon three presses of “Good” or a single press of “Easy”.”

I have 3 learning steps of 24 hours. So, I would expect the the new card return to the home deck only after I press good 3 times, which will take something like 4 days. But, when I press again once, the card goes back to the home deck immediately (I have rescheduling enabled). Will this card comeback to the filtered deck tomorrow automatically, even if I don’t rebuild it?

So, is the manual incorrect? Or didn’t I understand correctly?


If it’s back in the home deck already, it will stay there. The v3 scheduler does keep the card in the filtered deck until it exits (re)learning.

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