Rebuilding Filtered deck

Hello, everyone

I have a question :sweat_smile:

I created a filtered decks with various tags, didn’t put the “is:new or is:new” because it caused to drag cards from other decks.

Some of this tags are fully suspended, and i unsuspended them as i study along. I notice that i have to rebuild the filtered deck in order for the newly unsuspended card to appear in the filtered deck, the problem is that also the cards that i just review on that filtered deck appear on “due” even though i just finished to study them.

Do you know what happens to be the problem?

Make sure to check the Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck option.

Please see

Cards only enter a filtered deck when it is (re)built, so if are unsuspending cards and wish to include them, you’ll need to rebuild the filtered deck.

Thanks but I wonder if there is a way to stop just learned cards to appear on the filtered deck as if they were due to the same day I just studied them :confused:

If you’re asking how to exclude learning cards from the filtered deck, the search should end with ‘-is:learn’