Filtered deck for cards unsuspended today

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a filtered deck for new cards that I unsuspended today? I know how to make it for new cards I created today, but what about new cards that were pre-made but unsuspended today?

Filtered decks cannot pull in cards that are suspended, buried, or already in a different filtered deck. And if you are using the v1 scheduler, cards in (re)learning will not be included either. For this reason, a search in the browser may reveal cards that do not end up in the filtered deck.
Creating Manually

TL;DR: pull everything in the deck/tag that you wish to study, the suspended cards won’t appear in your filtered deck

Got that–but during the course of a day I use the browser to search for keywords and unsuspend cards that way. So at the end of the day, there are a bunch fo new cards that have just been unsuspended. Is there anyway to filter those cards into a filtered deck just based on the fact that they were unsuspended today? I know if you do “added:1” it gives u the cards you created today but what about the ones you recently unsuspended?

I think that at the moment there is no way to search for suspended/unsuspended-today cards, unfortunately.
The following topic is a bit old but should still be relevant: Browser: show how many cards I suspended today

Maybe you could try using some workaround. For example, you could assign an unused flag to all suspended cards, create a filtered deck based on the flag, and then unflag the cards once you have studied them.

  1. Search is:suspended in the Browser. Select all the cards (Ctrl+A) and flag them (e.g. Ctrl+6)
  2. Unsuspend some cards
  3. Create a filtered deck based on the flag (e.g. use flag:6 as the search filter)
  4. Once you are done studying, go to the Browser and search flag:6 -is:suspended. Select all the cards and unflag them.

A bit cumbersome, but it’s the best I can think of.
Of course you only need to repeat steps 2 to 4, after the first time. To make the 4th step a bit easier, you can right click on Saved Searches to save flag:6 -is:suspended to the sidebar.


I would flag the cards before they’re unsuspended:

Highlight cards wanted
Make Filtered deck from Flag Deck


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